Story behind the Photos: TRAVEL PORTRAITS

Story behind the Photos: TRAVEL PORTRAITS

People have always been important to me in photos. Shooting takes a lot of patience, especially in travel photography but shooting people as they go about their daily life is quite instinctive and natural; those for me are the best type of images. Over the years I have gained recognition for my travel work, and all of the pictures have included people, that’s where I have realised my style. I’m self taught, so for me it’s always been about finding my style rather than learning the rule book. 

From left to right, clockwise

  1. All the colour block and shapes that Vietnam is made up of.

  2. Find the lady looking down on her phone; it wasn’t until I starting editing my images from this trip, I realised she was the only static subject for the entire series of 30 or so images; the whole world rushed around her while she remained engrossed in a screen, barely moving an inch. A happy accident and a wonderful series of of time-lapse style images.

  3. A rare and peaceful moment where both the subject and I have the Qutab Minar courtyard (almost) to ourselves. Shooting people from behind is like following them through whatever they are doing, you see what they see.

  4. Tourists and photographers invaded the tracks of ‘fascinating’ railway homes, neither parties seem to be bothered until only seconds before a train thundered past.

  5. Sitting with the locals eating the city’s best rice and curry. This image reached the Finals in the 2019 Pink Lady Food Photography Awards.

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