How to survive a dry spell in business

How to survive a dry spell in business


10 things to do when you have a business dry spell:

  • Look back through previous years’ sales to understand if this is part of a trend — and if you don’t have a pipeline tracker to help you do that, now’s the time to start one. An Excel sheet will do.

  • Revisit your business plan: is it on track? Is it still relevant or do you need to re-think aspects of it?

  • Spruce up or redesign your website, especially if you’ve de-hashed your business plan or re-thought the services you could offer

  • Create some content that you find interesting and that your clients may like — an ebook, blog post series, video or how-to guide

  • Revisit your business processes and look for ways to improve — is your bookkeeping service doing a good job or is now the time to look further afield? What about subscriptions you don’t need? Or your mobile plan — could it be cheaper?

  • Get your admin in order: filing, accounts, inbox discipline, all that jazz that goes to shit when you’re busy

  • If you’re not usually active there, get back on LinkedIn and join in the conversation. Update your profile, recommend some people and hopefully they’ll recommend you back. But the main thing is, it reminds people you’re there and you care

  • Consider seeking out some collaboration opportunities with other freelancers who have clients, but need skills like yours

  • Learn something new that’ll help you do what you do better, or in a different way — podcasts and books for the time-poor, an online course or training event if you’ve more time and budget

  • Talk it through with someone you respect and trust